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Topic-icon The future of our game

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8 years 8 months ago #34332

I would just like to share an experience I had this weekend with you, and get your thoughts.
This past weekend I was involved in an under 15 match between two teams that will remain nameless. On Saturday we got a call from the ref to say they couldn't make it, so we got our affiliate ref to take charge, the opposing team were less than pleased with this but what choice had we at such short notice. There were a few calls that could have gone either way ( as there is in every game) and as it turns out we won.
This is where it kicks off, firstly a member of their staff or support ran up to our ref and took a photo of him, God only knows why. Then their coach brought them onto the pitch after the tunnels and started hurling abuse at them, I could hear him from the sideline, saying that they were an embarrasment and how could they lose to the worst team in the league ( as far as I know we finished top). I could be mistaken but it looked like some of their players were brought to tears. As you do after a game we offered them sandwiches and drinks in the clubhouse after and were told they didn't want any of our poison.
Is this what underage rugby has come to, this great game which has always upheld principals of respect and sportsmanship has changed drastically??
I will admit that this is a one sided account of what happened and am open to correction but I just feel it's not right

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8 years 8 months ago #34333

I'm sure the opposition coach doesn't reflect the entire club. Perhaps the most effective channel for this is to write to the opposition committee and present your observations and concerns?

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  • Jim Lewis
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8 years 8 months ago #34334

Obviously I'm somewhat removed from Irish rugby, but I'm fairly sure it's not all that different from ours. I was a junior coach at various age groups for 15 years, and although I'm not directly involved, still like to take in age group games when I can. There are those wthin our great game who accnot accept that it is just that, a game. I cannot undertsand what drives these people and gave up trying many years ago. The pity is that they get within a hundred miles of our youth players. All we as responsible coaches, parents and supporters can do is uphold our standards and call those types out where we see them in action. You're on the button. It isn't right.

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8 years 8 months ago #34335


Pm sent to you.

Courage is knowing what lies on the other side and still opening the door.

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