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Topic-icon Pubs outside Galway that show Connacht games

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8 years 3 months ago #33699

I doubt you'll be stuck but if you are there's a bar on Parnell Street called the Woolshed that shows pretty much every Rugby and Football game live as they have loads of screens. A german mate of mine caught a bundesliga game in there last week like. It'll definitely be on there.

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8 years 3 months ago #33700

tribeinbrum wrote: I'll be based in the lovely suburb of coolock, so northside. The problem I'm kind of getting at is its that holiest of days Good Friday. So am I right in thinking that it's an impossible task finding anywhere that will be showing the game. I'm not fussed to be fair whether drink is involved it was just to see if anywhere would be showing our match.

Forgot about Good Friday. I dont know what your best bet is. Pop into a hotel in the area. They'll be serving to anyone staying there, so if they have a tv in the bar, I'm sure you could get in and drink orange juice, and ask them to throw on the game

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