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6 years 10 months ago #53907

wp_rathead wrote: I know the Craggy Island Podcast lads were saying we'd want to face an away French team in Play off due to our record in England - but would we not be better off facing an away English team with the carrot of a home game against a probable French side?
Winning an away Semi in France would result in an away final, probably in England anyway

I kind of see your point - while our record in England is appalling, whatever way it plays out we almost certainly need to win in England to get through, so surely the route with a possibility of a home game (finishing 8th) is the easier.

The problem is for that to happen, we'd realistically need to start throwing games to finish behind Cardiff, which we're never going to do (it's repugnant, Cardiff are so poor they'd probably finish behind us anyway, you could get caught and fecked out of the playoffs altogether, and that's no way to prepare for a must-win game in England).

They are likely to be 6 points behind us after this weekend and up against Ulster and Ospreys in their next two games, so just one further win after Zebre probably puts us out of sight. It's as good as decided already so we'll have to suck it up and do it the (even) hard(er) way.

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6 years 10 months ago #53910

Only spanner in the works is if Edinburgh win the Challenge Cup and would take Cardiff's spot if it happened. Can't see it mind, playing La Rochelle tonight who are on fire in the Top 14 right now and have actually picked a decent side for the game.

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